Face It cover


Andrea Ponsi, Editions Michel Eyquem, San Francisco, 2015

Published in occasion of the solo show "Face It !" held between November 28th and December 13th 2015 at the Bonnafont Gallery in San Francisco, USA, the book contains 15.000 faces drawn by Andrea Ponsi on Post-it notes over the last twenty years.

Architect, designer, painter, writer, Andrea Ponsi has always considered drawing his favorite activity. Perhaps because he is Italian, he finds it difficult to talk without gesturing, or at least keeping his hands moving, even when on the telephone while working at his desk. As if driven by an irresistible force, he then takes a pen or pencil, reaches for a pad of Post-its, and begins to draw faces, each one different, each one invented on the spot. This book shows the results of this harmless obsession: about twenty-five hundred faces selected from more than twenty thousand drawn on yellow Post-its over the course of the past twenty years.