"Vicino, Più Vicino"

2013 Lisbon Architecture Triennale - Associate Project

Florence, Italy & Lisbon, Portugal, 2013

Two temporary pavilions in two distant cities, dialogue in real-time by the presence of the visitors.
The movement of people inside each pavilion activates lights and sounds in the twin structure, so that visitors can feel the presence of their reciprocals and viceversa, triggering a body-activated dialogue.
The two cities in this way will be virtually connected; distant users, visiting the temporary structures spatially distant, will have the feeling of being temporarily neighbors.
As lovers, who have always looked at the same moon, to not perceive the mutual absence, the communicating boxes allow visitors to interact with the space, to become protagonists and to modify the project itself through their bodies.
The project took place simultaneoulsy in the two cities from October 27 to November 3, 2013.

Building area: 50 mq (540 sq.ft.
Architectural design: Studio Ponsi - Luca Ponsi + Giovanni D’Angelo + Olivia Giorgi + Paolo Gaeta
Location Manager & Coordinator for Lisbon: architect Nicola Tuan
Editor/Communication: Gala Rotelli
Fabrics graphic design: Florence Institute of Design International B.Ashworth, E.Sunay
Video and Software Engineer: Riccardo Canalicchio
Music, Sound Engineer: Tru West (Marmo Music)
Light Engineer: Fratelli Edison
Fabrics Consultant: Simone Gori
Pavillion Florence structure: BAR.TE.CO - Barsottini Tecno Costruzioni
Pavillion Lisbon structure: PERI Portugal
Structures consultants: Jeffrey Weber & Associates, Oakland, CA
Lighting: Pellittieri LED Light