Palos Verdes Art Center

Palos Verdes, Los Angeles (USA) 2000

International competition; 1st place;

Client: City of Palos Verdes


The program required a new building to replace the existing one, which was to house various exhibition galleries, a library, an auditorium, areas for laboratories and classrooms and a two-storey underground car park. 
Following the narrative thread of a metaphorical “path through the wood”, the building develops internally, following the rhythm of pergola-covered passageways, terraces, small patios and big courtyards. To reduce the environmental impact of the new construction to a minimum, the building is subdivided into low blocks descending in accordance with the naturally sloping land. Like a monastery, the complex is subdivided into public areas (the large entrance plaza, the reception hall and the main courtyard), and private areas (the laboratory patios, the classroom wing, the administrative section).

Building area:3500 mq (37.673 sq.ft.)
Architectural design:Studio Ponsi - Andrea Ponsi, Firenze
Design team:Scott Henderson, Federico Frittelli, Marc Di Domenico