Exhibition Pavilion

Arezzo, 2002

Client: Comune di Arezzo


The pavilion was erected to house an exhibition on the City Plan for the Tuscan town of Arezzo. Since it was of a temporary nature, the structure consisted of building site scaffolding, in its turn covered by typical building materials: sheets of transparent polycarbonate, wood boards and tubular copper downspouts. The latter had the twofold aim of defining the perimeter walls of the exhibition area and acting as sunscreens. The pavilion, strategically placed at the centre of the existing square, is inspired by the medieval tower and acts as a covered extension of Corso Italia, the town’s main pedestrian thoroughfare.

Building area:100 mq (1.076 sq.ft.)
Architectural design:Studio Ponsi - Andrea Ponsi, Firenze
Design team:Federico Frittelli, Andrew Watkins