Andrea Ponsi's ceramics on display at the Milano Design Week 2018

Andrea Ponsi's ceramics will be on display during the Milano Design Week at the Spazio Patrizia Pepe, via Aporti 8, next to Milano Centrale Station.

"Raw-less is an art-design project focused on ceramic art, born from an idea by Marta Sansoni and Alessio Sarri, which involved eleven Italian designers: Giampaolo Babetto - Sergio Maria Calatroni - Nathalie Du Pasquier - Anna Gili - Johanna Grawunder - Massimo Mariani - Alessandro Mendini - Andrea Ponsi - Franco Raggi - Marta Sansoni - George Sowden. Ceramics is the common denominator and the creation of the objects has been entrusted to the ceramist Alessio Sarri.

The objects, one for each designer, have a sculptural dimension with a height around 60 cm and a width close to 40 cm and are representative of the various personalities and cultural background of the designers."

Patrizia Pepe – RAW-LESS
Tuesday April 17 - Sunday April 22
10:00 - 20:00
Via Ferrante Aporti, 8, Milano

Raw-less vase sketch
Raw-Less_Patrizia Pepe