Interview with Andrea Ponsi included in “VORKURS - Exquisite Corpse” Volume 02, 2018

An interview with Andrea Ponsi is included in the journal VORKURS - Exquisite Corpse” Volume 02, 2018, supported by the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts and the University of Florida School of Architecture, Gainesville, FL.

VORKURS: exquisite corpse analyzes architecture’s contemporary issues through concepts derived from the game: fragment and palimpsest as design research tools and spatial generators; the collective and it’s relationship to teaching, thinking and building; and finally, into the broken silence redefining culture, the body as metaphor, as an unfolding of a body of work, and the transitional idea of the female body itself in relation to our built world. Sets of images and words emerge in dialogue; authors speak across the folds.

The issue contains articles by Charlie Hailey, Dolores Hayden, Daniel Martinez, Paul Shepheard, Robert McCarter, Perry Kulper, Donna Cohen, Giovanni Traverso and Elizabeth Cronin.